How to Play

4v4 battle where you have


Don't give up until the very last second!

An action-packed battle where up to 4v4 players compete to capture Treasure.
Remember, working with your team is the key to victory!

3 different classes to learn!




Open a path with pure force!
Attacker class Characters have excellent ATK and specialize in defeating enemies



Run circles around your opponents and grab their Treasure!
Runner class Characters have superior SPD and specialize in getting Treasure



Protect your Treasure with sheer toughness!
Defender class Characters have great DEF and specialize in defending Treasure



Take advantage of elemental matchups to get ahead in battles!

There are Red, Blue and Green Elements. You'll deal extra damage in a favorable matchup!
However, your damage will decrease in an unfavorable one!

A variety of modes with different playstyles!

League Battles

Match with other players and fight in big 4v4 battles!

Increase your Rank
Your League Score will change depending on the results! Rack up victories and aim for League Promotion!
High ranks give extravagant rewards!
Your rewards will depend on the League you are in at the end of the season!
  • Private Battles

    Battle together with up to seven friends in 4v4 matches! Train your skills by battling against your friends!

  • Challenge Battle

    Battles with special rules that are here for a limited time! You can obtain amazing rewards depending on your participation!

  • Solo Battles

    Take on an array of missions alone and reap the rewards!



You can form Alliances with other players!
Have fun communicating with other Alliance Members on the Bulletin Board and with fighting against them in Private Battles!

Training Characters is the key to victory!

There are a bunch of ways to build a top-class team, such as upgrading support characters, Medal settings, and using Character Type Effects!