Berry stealing team competition!

Collect more Berries than the opposing team

Cooperation between team members is key to winning! Know your role

Learn how best to use the 5character types!

Fighter Overwhelm your opponent with furious speed!

Warrior Tough and powerful!!

Supporter Support your team with skills!!

Shooter Shoot from a long distance!!

Swordsman Slice through the competition!

Use your surroundings to take an advantage

Find different routes to win the competition!
Use different gimmicks to get an edge over  your opponents!
Try breaking the pots and barrels in the stage!
You might get items that recover HP or boost your stats!
If your character falls you lose your Berries!
When you've collected some berries, put them in your team's bank.

Fight alongside your crew and lead them to victory! One single Berry could determines your victory.

* Game graphics are still under development.