ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Long-Term Maintenance Announcement

Thank you for playing ONE PIECE Bounty Rush.

We truly apologize for the current situation that all the players are not able to play safety due to server failure and various malfunctions currently occurred. We are currently working hard to fix those issues, but we determined that extensive renovation is necessary to provide better service. Therefore, we decided to perform long-term maintenance as follows.

Maintenance Period
Apr.10(Tue) 2:00 am - Completion timing has not been determined (UTC)

You will be updated with the latest on maintenance progress by official HP, Facebook etc. Please be certain to review regularly for updates.
Besides, we are currently considering the compensation for this long-term maintenance.


Please note:
*During the maintenance period, you cannot log-in to the app.
*The account data
 of players who has already started playing can be used after the service is restarted.
*If your account data is delated from your mobile phone by changing model
 or uninstalling the application, the account data cannot transferred without issuing transfer code.
Before the maintenance begins, please be sure to issue a transfer code and save the necessary transfer information, screen shot of home screen or twelve (12) digits alphanumeric characters
 (at the lower left in home screen) outside of your device, by creating a handwritten memo, emailing it to your PC to save it, Etc.

We would like to offer our sincere apologies for this oversight and for any inconvenience caused to our customers using this application.
Hereafter we, all of the operating team, will redouble our efforts to offer better products and services
So please wait just a little longer for the restart of the service

We would like to express our gratitude for your continuing support for ONE PIECE Bounty Rush.


■Support(Other OS)

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* Game graphics are still under development.